Life In The Burbs

*Life in the Burbs~Are sure you want a home?
Growing up in Connecticut in the suburbs, on a small quiet street, I knew I wanted the same for my family. When I purchases my home (don’t you just love when people say “I purchased a home”). Go ahead, miss a house payment. Then see if you’ve purchased your home especially when the lender sends the guys out to pick up your belongings, and throws your crap out on the sidewalk, and takes their house back.
About eight years ago, I purchased a 2800 sq ft. ranch home. I had no idea how much upkeep was involved in having a home. Many times I thought “maybe I should just give it back and take my loses”. Blowing and raking up leaves in the fall, that came from your neighbors yard. Pulling up weeds in the warmer months and mowing the grass. Oh, and let’s not forget having to contend with complaining, NOESY A_ _ neighbors!!!
Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Life in the burbs, I purchased what I called my “Starter Home”. It was a townhouse. Now that house, was a home. I live there for seven years. Every inch of my house, represented my personality. If I could have picked up that home and move it from that scary part of town, I would have.
If there was one valuable piece of advice I could give you new home buyers when looking to purchase a home, it would be to check out the neighborhood. You see, I didn’t do my homework. The neighborhood I lived in was rapidly deteriorating. Of course I didn’t realize that then. Why, on the way to look at the house, my agent took me through what I call the scenic route to get to the town home.

First Sign of Caution: Sign sealed and delivered.
Well, I did it. I was a first time home owner. The day after I closed, I drove to my new town-home to set off bug foggers. While arriving to complex, I could see an ambulance and police cars. “God please don’t let that be my house” I said as I pulled up to my door. As it turned out, all the commotion was not at my house, it was at the house right next door. You see, the man who lived in the home right next to mine, was dating the woman in the townhouse on the opposite side of the street. Allegedly the girlfriend walk across to my then neighbors home. Sometime after the man left out to walk his dog. Sadly, the woman shot herself with a gun right in his home. Again, this is allegedly. Needless to say, I did not sleep in my bedroom for about 9 months.

Second Sign of Caution:
The next day my cousin arrived to help me arrange my new home. She, myself and a guy I was dating at the time were all getting ready to have lunch when I realized I needed something from the convenient store around the corner. As I was pulling out to return home there were two cars that pulled up next to me, playing extremely loud music and some of the worst profanity I’d had ever heard. The car bounced up in down like a ball. Oh, did I mention that women were being abducted in my neiborhood. One day I was parked outside my home and broke down and started crying because; I knew that I purchased the right home in the wrong neighborhood so I sold that Town home after 7 years.

Memories of Growing up in Connecticut
Childhood memories of the neighborhood of which I grew up was a neighborhood where everyone knew each other. The sound of children playing during the day to the peaceful sound of crickets at night. Again, I knew I wanted a similar life when it decided to look for a home of my own.

**Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it!
Im now living in a beautiful 3 bedroom ranch home in a subdivision in the Burbs. I was so excited to buy this home. The plan was to live in it for five years and then either flip it or make it my first rental property. We’ll, like the rest of the world, little did I know that the economy would fall to pieces. Almost ten years later, here I am stuck in a house of which I have a love hate relationship. A cousin that is very dear to me once told me, wherever you live, make your house a home. Her words rang through my ears for years. I finally came to the conclusion that I might be here for a while. So I decided to start painting and cleaning up the property to give my home a beach like paradise feel that consist of fish tanks, rejuvenating water fountains and a relaxing home feel.

***Everything comes with a price
Is it just me or does everyone have neighbors who seem to be so concern with what’s going on at your home? You know the home where you pay the mortgage. My home sits right smack in the middle of the cul-de-sac. One neighbor for years didn’t like the way I mowed my grass. It was either too low or way too high. Ok, yes I did wait about a month before I cut the grass but dang gone it…The air quality is so bad in the ATL, I can hardly breath. Another time I cut my grass and a section of my neighbors grass that connects to mine. Next thing I know, I feel a tap on my shoulder. The wife told me I was cutting too low and that the grass would burn. I kindly apologized and said okay. Well after she walked back to her house I could feel Sha-quee-ta coming to life. Next thing I know, I found myself at the front door ringing the door of Mrs. not so pleasant.

What happens next?



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