My Monthly Challenge

woman and candles

We want your contribution!

Each month we will take on a different challenge toward our quest to achieving a “CALM MIND” and a “HEALTHY BODY” in order to “START LIVING.”   How do we achieve this, by freeing ourselves from anyone or anything toxic to our mind and body!  Until these two are reached, we cannot begin to start living.

Many struggle with achieving a healthy mind and body in order to start living-because of what we put into our bodies, what we allow to filter in our minds and the toxic people we invite into our space.   Achievement of one could be possible, but the remaining two will be lacking in one form or another.  Why, because of what I call the balancing act.

In todays fast pace society, it is a challenge to balance taking care of ourselves, or families, associating with friends as well as working secularly.  ”I simply cannot do it” you may be thinking.  DON’T GIVE UP! We will all help each other.  Did you notice I said “we?”  Why, because I want you to know that I will be writing about my accomplishments as well as my struggles.  You will blog your struggles and accomplishments’ as well.    

Have you heard of the phase “There is strength in numbers?” Our strength to achieve our monthly challenges will derive from each other. Come along with me on this wonderful journey to learning how to “Stay Calm, Heal the Body and Start Living.”


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