October Monthly Challenge

Welcome all and thank you for joining the first of many group challenge discussions.

*Here is a list of etiquette doe’s and don’ts when blogging on “Stay Calm, Heal and Start Living”.

1-We will Be Truthful

2-We will always stay kind with our choice of words, especially when posting a response to a comment from one of our fellow bloggers, of which you do not share their same view.   The reason we are have these discussions is to learn from each other even if we do not share their same views.    

3-Although we respect the religion and political views of others, these two subjects will not be part of this discussion blog.

4– Most important, PLEASE, let’s keep it clean…ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY!

Calm your mind: Have you ever had someone say to you relax, calm down, smile? Generally people don’t say that to me because I tend to carry a smile even when I sad.  Not this morning.  Part of my commute in the morning is using Public transportation.  This morning I arrived to the bus stop rather late.  I only saw one seat available.  Suddenly I heard a woman’s voice say “she’s going to have to ask the man with the bowling ball for that seat”.  I looked over and there he was, a man with his bowling ball in what looked to be the only vacant seat.  He appeared to be sleeping.  Before I knew it the words flew out of my mouth “SERIOUSLY!  Excuse me? Good morning! I can feel the smirk begin to form on my face as I said these words.  Can I sit hear”?  Well wouldn’t you know it, he wasn’t asleep.  He slowly looked over at me and said, “OK SERIOUSLY”!  Oops he heard me I thought to myself. Then I said SERIOUSLY!  Once again he said “SERIOUSLY,” this time in a rather mean voice as I sat down next to this man in his bowling ball.  

I thought to myself there is no way I will be able to sit next to this man for a 45 minutes ride when we both were not in a good spirits.  So I asked the man in the row in front of me if I could share his seat.  He politely said sure.  This was one of those times where I was not calm or smiling.  Have you ever opened your mouth and words fly out of nowhere?  Just those five minutes of back-and-forth exchange of words with a man I had never seen, ruin my morning commute.

How could I have let that happen? What was on your mind prior to opening your mouth the first time? Why did I not have a calm mind this morning?  Ah, now I remember.  I woke up late and I turn the news on while getting dressed and heard depressing news of many crimes that took place throughout the night.  By the time I left the house I did not have the right frame of mine. 

Let’s begin this month’s challenge by talking about an incident that occurred in your life that you were not proud of.  Was there anyone that caused you to say something or react in a manner of which you are not proud?  (Please, try not to use personal names) After we’ve gathered valuable information from the discussion board, I will set a goal for us all to work toward and give feedback along the way. 


One thought on “October Monthly Challenge

  1. I have never had someone say to me “relax, calm down, and smile”. 🙂 Although, I think in some situations someone probably should have said something to keep me from inserting my foot into my mouth. I never watched television in the morning before getting ready for work. I have found that watching the news sometime will ruin a perfect start to the day. I like to take a moment before I leave home to gather my thoughts and think in my mind today will be a good day. Positive thinking brings about positive results. I must admit I probably would have been thinking “SERIOUSLY” in my mind too. People can still hear you even while they are sleeping. LOL. I recall an incident where a lady at school asked me “Why I was looking at her?” Before I knew it, I stated that I wasn’t looking at her because she not worth looking at. I had a long day at work, terrible time in traffic trying to get to class and to top it all off …I wasn’t prepared for class that particular night. I was looking out the window to see if the professor was coming. I was trying to finish up my homework assignment. I didn’t realize that she had an allergic reaction to some medicine and her face was broken out with rashes. This would have been a time for me to relax, calm down and smile.

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